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2017 / 2018 Our President NOEL THOMPSON TMCF

Welcome to the Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation website.

We are one of the oldest Toastmaster organisations in the UK having been formed in 1954
but pride ourselves on keeping our methods and practices up to date and appropriate to modern needs.

We train our own Toastmasters coming into the profession, but realised a number of years ago that
the notes and lectures we were using had not been updated for many years or even
decades and it was time to develop our own training manual with up to date references and ideas.

We had a huge amount of talent within the membership and between us we rewrote much of the
lecture notes and training manual to bring them up to date and make them relevant to the requirements of the clients of today.

As a result our new Toastmasters coming into the profession have a much better understanding of
what is required of a modern MC and are much more customer focused with the emphasis on good
communication skills and listening more to what the customer wants as opposed to what they think they should have.

Our MCs have the skills to offer advice when needed, but also to adapt to the ideas of clients.
Flexibility is always the key and we like to think that TMCF Toastmasters have the experience to deal with any occasions that may arise.

By choosing to book a TMCF Toastmaster you get the benefit of using someone
from a well established professional organisation, which has bought itself up to date with modern practices.

We  hope you enjoy looking through our website. If you have any questions just ask any of our members for an honest answer.

Our organisation may be over 70 years old but Old Fashioned we are not!

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