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About the TMCF

The Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation is one of the oldest professional toastmaster organisations in the UK having been founded in 1954.
All of our members have studied and have been interviewed and examined by Past Presidents of the TMCF and are all Professional Toastmasters qualified to wear the badge of the TMCF.
We currently have a small, select membership of thirty-two, of whom twenty-five are active Toastmasters.

Our seven retired 'life' members all have honorary membership enabling other
members to call upon their experience as and when required. We have members all over
the United Kingdom; one of our members lives and works in the Algarve, Portugal.
Our members have extensive expertise in all types of functions and we can find the right man,
or woman for your particular needs.

If you require any general advice about the TMCF or its members please contact us or visit our Members page for further information about individuals.
If you are a working Toastmaster or currently undergoing training as a Toastmaster and would like details
of how to join the TMCF, please contact our Membership Secretary at:

Executive Committee

2017 - 2018

Vice President
Roger Thompson

Noel Thompson

Junior Vice President
Bill Barr

Hon. Treasurer
David Mills

Hon. Secretary
Steve Eggleton

Assistant Secretary
Noel Thompson


Membership Secretary
Martin Jukes

Colin Beaumont

Social Secretary
Brian Wright

Lay Member (1)
Martin Jukes


Lay Member (2)
Peter Tautz

  Key: *Deceased   **Retired   ***Resigned  
1954 St John Murphy* 1955 St John Murphy* 1956 St John Murphy*
1957 St John Murphy* 1958 St john Murphy* 1959 Donald McDonald
1960 Donald Mcdonald* 1961 Ted Preswell* 1962 Cyril Forst*
1963 Leslie J Davis* 1964 Ken Honey* 1965 Ken Honey*
1966 Nolan Andrews* 1967 Nolan Andrews* 1968 Tom Mead*
1969 Tom Mead* 1970 Alan Mitchell* 1971 Alan Mitchell*
1972 John Gordon* 1973 John Gordon* 1974 Michael Poluck*
1975 Robert Cowell* 1976 Kenneth Fossey* 1977 Reginald J Clarke*
1978 Reginald J Clarke* 1979 Fred Cooper* 1980 Gordon Poluck*
1981 Kenny Essex* 1982 Harry Winfield** 1983 Ken White*
1984 Sid Scott* 1985 Sam Maurice* 1986 Harry Matthews**
1987 Henry Foreman* 1988 Alan E Reynolds 1989 Robert Marsh*
1990 Robert Hare* 1991 Sam Maurice* 1992 Roy Dickinson**
1993 Melvin Zeff** 1994 Stanley Davidson* 1995 Peter Frost**
1996 Peter D'Arcy* 1997 Colin Lawrence** 1998 Brian Simpson*
1999 Owen Tovee* 2000 Paul Casson 2001 Steve Chislett
2002 Jan Burnette** 2003 Paul Woods *** 2004 Trevor Constable*
2005 Brian Wright 2006 Roger Thompson 2007 Roy Wren*
2008 Steve Eggleton 2009 Andrew Marvelle** 2010 David Mills
2011 Brian Eagling*** 2012 Arnold Brooks 2013 Colin Smith
2014 James Shrubb 2015 Paul Smith 2016 Brian Wright

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