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Our Members

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Steve Eggleton Colin Smith David Mills Roger J Thompson Paul Casson
West Sussex London Essex Surrey Gwent
James Shrubb Arnold Brooks Rob Pearce Brian Wright Bill Barr
Essex Hertfordshire Surrey Cambridgeshire West Sussex
Colin Beaumont Dave Stallworthy Bob Hopkins Martin Jukes Paul Smith
Essex South Gloucestershire West Sussex Essex West Sussex
Jango Gazdar Steve Chislett   Noel Thompson Peter Tautz
Middlesex Dorset   Hampshire Hampshire
   Associate Members  
Robert Campbell   Peter Dolby   Tim Rangecroft 
    Lincolnshire   Surrey
Co. Down N. I.        
    James Hopkins    
      Colin Andrews  
  Bill Phillips   Yorkshire  
    Life Members  
Jan Burnette Peter Frost Andrew Marvell Colin Lawrence Harry Matthews
  Peter Evans   Alan Reynolds  

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or telephone 01798 812342

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