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The services of a Professional Toastmaster will enable you to relax and enjoy your special event secure in the knowledge that the proceedings are in experienced and capable hands. Professional Toastmasters are accustomed to managing all types of formal events including, weddings, dinners, corporate events, Masonic ladies' festivals, luncheons, banquets, award ceremonies, Barmitzvahs, conferences and civic functions. Planning and preparing for your wedding is something which requires a great deal of thought.  The day itself is the focal point of the entire process. Its importance cannot be underestimated when it comes to organisation. You want everything to be perfect from start to finish.  After all, you have worked tirelessly for months (sometimes years!) for this special day.  You really cannot afford to leave anything to chance, can you?  You have ordered the dress, the appropriate outfits for the bridal party, the flowers, the bridal cake, suitable cars to transport everybody from here to there, the photographer, perhaps even a videographer too.  The venue has been booked and the catering arrangements have been confirmed. Have you forgotten anything?  The name missing from all of the above is one of the most important investments you can make for your special day - a Toastmaster - to ensure that your wedding reception will run as smooth as clockwork.

But why do we need a Toastmaster?
Surely the Best Man can cover all that needs to done.  The Best Man has duties of his own, remember. He has been selected by the Bridegroom because he is his best friend, not because he is necessarily someone who is comfortable with organising events at the wedding breakfast.

Can't we leave the speeches etc., to someone from the hotel or catering company?
  Well, yes, of course you can.  The likelihood is that this will be either the Banqueting or Duty Manager or perhaps even the Head Waiter, who will do his or her best to fit the role of the Toastmaster into his or her other duties - which in themselves are many and varied.  Almost invariably this will mean that the person concerned will only be able to devote a minimal amount of time to an extremely important part of the proceedings.

We don't really want a lot of fuss.
The friendly formality of a red-coated Toastmaster can make all the difference to your wedding reception, whether it takes the form of a sit-down meal or a buffet, and whether it's held in an hotel, a marquee or a local hall.  The presence of a Toastmaster ensures that the bridal party is relieved of any worry about who does what, or what happens next?

But what exactly does a Toastmaster do at a wedding reception?
In general, he (or she - yes, there are Lady Toastmasters) arranges the bridal party in the most suitable place and in the correct order to receive their guests. He announces clearly the name of each guest.  He liaises with the caterer and the photographer.  He announces the Bride and Groom, escorts them to the table and announces grace.  He announces the speeches and toasts.  He organises and announces the cutting of the bridal cake.  He makes any other announcements that may be required, relays messages, handles problems and copes with the unexpected.  Unless the Bride and Groom are staying for the evening, the Toastmaster assembles the guests at the appropriate time to give the happy couple a good 'send off'. In addition, should you wish to include any additional features of your own choosing in the proceedings, the Toastmaster will be pleased to offer advice and guidance in order to accommodate these.

We have been told that it can be expensive to book a Toastmaster?
When booking any professional service for a wedding it is only natural that you will want to secure value for money. It is as well to remember that anyone can call themselves a Toastmaster.  Please bear in mind that by engaging the services of a Member of The Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation, you can rest assured that the person concerned has satisfied a body of examiners as to  his or her ability to properly represent the profession.  Toastmasters' fees can and do vary and can be dependent on factors such as the distance the Toastmaster is required to travel. Please contact any member of TMCF who will be happy to provide a quotation on request. Members of TMCF have officiated at numerous weddings.  They all offer exceptional value for money and will ensure that your special day is everything you envisaged and is one which you can look back on with the fondest of memories.

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